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Solar panels on a school

Solar Power for Municipalities

Leading the Way on Solar

Powering schools, libraries, and government office buildings requires a lot of energy. For many local governments, energy expenditures are the second-largest budget item. By generating your own electricity from the sun, local municipalities and schools can greatly cut their monthly operating costs and apply those savings elsewhere within their budget!

Benefits of Solar

ATTENTION: Local governments are now eligible for the 30% Federal Tax Credit (ITC) direct pay! Ease of installation, long-lasting equipment, and lack of moving parts make solar power a clear winner over other energy sources. Plus, building an array sends a powerful message to constituents and voters that their community is actively investing in the future. Other benefits include:

Cost Savings. Solar is now significantly cheaper than buying power from the grid in Illinois.

Job Creation. By installing solar on one or more buildings, municipalities can help spur job creation in their communities.

Commitment to Sustainability. Installing solar can help local governments meet their sustainability goals by decreasing reliance on coal- and fossil-fueled electricity without having to add to the local budget or ask for tax increases.

Spur Community Action. By installing solar panels on your buildings, you can lead by signaling your commitment to the local community to help jump-start the local clean energy economy.

Reliability. Solar panels not only provide the reliable energy needed to run your school or office, but they’re also dependable and long-lasting.