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Solar panels on a farm

Solar Power for Farmers

Solar Make Sense for Farms

Are high utility bills eating into your hard work? Keeping your farm running takes a tremendous amount of energy, from storing and transferring grain and keeping animals safe and warm to powering your own home. And in times of high inflation, dollars that could have been used elsewhere are now being siphoned into the simple act of keeping the lights on.

As a farmer, you understand the power of the sun better than any other group of people. But the sun is much more than just an energy source for your crops — it can power your home, barn, and silos too while lowering the amount you pay for electricity. Locally owned and operated, Illinois Solar Services is committed to finding the right solar solution for your farm. Using your existing bill as a reference, our team will survey your property and determine the system — be it roof or ground mounted — that will offset your current energy usage by 100% or more. Plus, many opportunities using state and federal grants, incentives, credits, and rebates can minimize your initial investment costs

Benefits of Solar

Cost Savings. Solar is now significantly cheaper than buying power from the grid in Illinois. In times of high inflation, reducing your operating costs any way you can is a wise choice.

Return on Investment. Consider the transition an investment rather than a return. The ROI you’ll get is greater than most other investments in terms of the money you’ll save over the years.

Future Costs Control. Predicting costs is always difficult, but when you consider the high inflationary rates and supply chain issues, the Illinois power grid won’t be more affordable any time soon.

High Dependability & Low Maintenance. With our 30-year warranty covering panels, microinverters, and installation, you don’t have to worry about what to do if something goes wrong. We go further than just the manufacturer’s warranty!

Financial Incentives

  • Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC)
  • 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit
  • 5-year MACRS depreciation

There’s never been a better time to go solar. However, funding is limited, and when the money runs out, it’s gone. Don’t wait — now is the best time to add a solar array to your farm!