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Solar panels on top of a warehouse

Solar Power for Commercial Buildings

Improve Your Bottom Line with Solar

Powering an office building or warehouse can be one of the highest costs for your business or manufacturing center. Lights, computers, phones, printers, copiers, HVAC… All are necessities in the modern workplace, but they consume massive amounts of energy, eating into your company’s budget and demanding dollars that could have been spent elsewhere.

Generating your own electricity from the sun is a great way to reduce your monthly operating costs. Locally owned and operated, Illinois Solar Services is committed to finding the right solar solution for your business. Using your existing energy bill as a reference, our team will survey your property and determine the system — be it roof or ground mounted — that will offset your current energy usage by 100% or more.

Benefits of Solar

Making an Impact in the Commercial and Manufacturing Sectors

Solar energy isn’t just for big businesses anymore — now, companies of all sizes, along with warehouses, factories, and other manufacturing buildings, can benefit from taking control of their energy expenses and turning it into  a controllable asset. Check out just a few of the benefits of adding a solar array to your commercial property and how this clean, renewable energy source can not only reduce your costs, but also improve your company’s image.

Cost Savings. Solar is now significantly cheaper than buying power from the grid in Illinois. In times of high inflation, reducing your operating costs any way you can is a wise choice.

Return on Investment. Consider the transition to solar energy an investment rather than a return. The ROI you’ll get is greater than most other investments in terms of the money you’ll save over the years.

Future Costs Control. Predicting costs is always difficult, but when you consider the high inflationary rates and supply chain issues, the Illinois power grid won’t be more affordable any time soon.

Tax Credits & Depreciation. Between the 30% Solar Investment Tax Credit and the depreciation benefits, your initial investment will be paid off quickly.

Improves Your Brand. Going solar shows the local community and your customers you’re committed to helping protect the environment and making Illinois a better place for future generations.

High Dependability & Low Maintenance. With our 30-year warranty covering panels, microinverters, and installation, you don’t have to worry about what to do if something goes wrong. We go further than just the manufacturer’s warranty!

Financial Incentives

  • Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC)
  • 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit
  • 10% Energy Community Tax Credit Bonus
    • Must be located in a designated energy community to qualify
  • 10% Domestic Content Bonus Credit
    • 50% or more of the project must be U.S. manufactured to qualify
  • 5-year MACRS depreciation

There’s never been a better time to go solar. With these incredible incentives, expect to get 50% off your total solar project investment! While there are stipulations to some of these incentives, we’re proud to share that we proudly use U.S. manufactured parts for our solar systems as well as pay our union installers prevailing wages.

Funding is limited, and when the money runs out, it’s gone. Don’t wait — now is the best time to add a solar array to your farm/business!