Illinois Solar Services is a locally owned company established to help Illinois Residents, Businesses, Farmers, and Municipalities become energy independent and save money long-term. With the inflationary impact of lessening supply by shutting down energy plants, along with increased demand for energy, utility charges are continuing to go up.

The answer is simple. Use the best in today's technology to access the free source of the sun and supply your own energy. Take control of your utility expense with the best Technology, Financing, and Warranty.

When it comes to Solar, there are many options, but not all are the same. We pride ourselves on providing the best in quality products from our modules to microinverters. We do NOT take shortcuts and we work with our partners Oberlander Electric and RNS Electric to make sure your system is done right and will work for decades to come.


Modules (Panels): Depending upon the situation, we may use modules from any of the following manufacturers: Jinko, Q Cells, REC, Silfab, and other trusted sources. Our standards for selecting the right panel will depend upon your specific setup and need. Whether you are doing a roof mount or ground mount system, we choose the right panel to help maximize your space and efficiency.

Microinverters (DC to AC): When it comes to microinverters, we use one source, Enphase. Enphase is the leader in technology for microinverters and gives us many options to support your needs. With Enphase we can provide Sunlight Only Backup Systems and Battery Backup Systems. You can also monitor your efficiency on your smartphone. Using Enphase microinverters allows us to combine high tech with high touch and gives you the assurance of knowing your system is working well.


When purchasing your Solar System, the full costs must be paid for when your system is installed and the interconnection is complete. It takes time for any Federal and State incentives to come to you. That is why most of our customers elect to finance their purchase and pay it off when incentives come in.

Contrary to what some misguided advertisements tell you, the system costs are not always covered completely by Federal and State incentives. A small portion of the remaining costs tends to be financed over time. This is still a good option because you lock in a low fixed payment until you pay off the loan. This protects you from rising utility charges and allows you to become energy independent.

Having a great loan program can be critical in making the right decision to convert to solar. This is where our lending partner, Greenpenny, can help. They offer a flexible and unique process to allow qualified buyers 100% financing. Most of our customers end up with a fixed payment less than their current utility bill, giving them immediate monthly savings. For more questions about the loan program and qualifications, please contact us at 309-444-0982.


Most solar companies only stand by their product through the manufacturer's limited warranty. The challenge with this is when you need to repair or replace a part on your system, the manufacturer's warranty does not cover the shipping and labor to replace the part. This did not stand well with us, so we searched and found a better solution.

We are proud partners with Solar Insure. Solar Insure offers our customers the peace of mind that their solar system is being monitored and warrantied for 30 years. To see a solar warranty comparison CLICK HERE. To preview a sample Warranty, CLICK HERE.

When you purchase your solar system through Illinois Solar Services, the Warranty is included! You can rest easy that your system is being monitored and if there is an issue, it will be proactively addressed. For more questions about the Warranty, please contact us at 309-444-0982.


Save money on your electric bill while helping reduce emissions thru solar energy